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Meet Lianne Dixon

Lianne is a Certified Parent Coach and a Mental Fitness Coach dedicated to helping parents who are tired of arguing with their teenagers. "I help them transform their relationship, enjoy easy conversations, and honestly, just have more fun."

Parents Who Work With Lianne Rave:

"I'm truly enjoying getting a new perspective on things!"


" Lianne teaches me things I GENUINELY didn't know and helps me get my head around them so I can put those techniques into action. When I have done that, the results speak for themselves. My relationship with my child has gone from stone-cold silence to an open dialogue."


"Thank you, Lianne! I have a pre-teen, and I love it."


"The program gave me concrete strategies to work with, so I'm a lot less frustrated and impatient. My son and I are enjoying each other so much more as a result."


"I still can't believe the transformation! I look back at how things used to be...and WOW...Who would have thought we could be civil to each other."


"Gone was the growling, glaring, eye-rolling individual. I could not believe she and I went an entire week without our usual verbal battles...I'm still in shock at how well she responded."

Congratulations! The link to your video is on its way to your email.